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When you are launching a website, there is much to consider to get the maximum reward from your investment.

We specialise in eCommerce and eLearning and work with a growing number of clients who face the same challenges. As a result, we can advise you based on what has succeeded for others and pitfalls to avoid.


When strategising, we focus on three key areas of your business:

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Vision and Goals

It’s important for us to understand how best we can help you achieve your vision and goals for your business.

Some clients are preparing to sell in the next few years, some are attempting to raise venture capital and we adapt our services and recommendations based on this.

Technical Implementation

We assess how your website is currently performing in a variety of areas. We test:

  • Your website’s speed across all devices
  • How website visitors are finding your website and behaving on your website
  • How your eCommerce functionality is performing in terms of conversion rate and much more
  • How your eLearning functionality is performing in terms of completion rate and much more


How will your upgraded website’s functionality impact the operational requirements from your team. For instance, if a multitude of additional customers are expected to be acquired, how will you best deal with this.

Our focus is to think of business profitability in these decisions and only deploy additional operational resources where we see it being a value add to your business.