paint and prosecco

Paint & Prosecco is a truly innovative business which has become Dublin’s go-to paint and prosecco entertainment business.

Paint & Prosecco previously offered in-person events throughout Dublin – these events have now gone virtual. In addition to this, Paint & Prosecco added home kits to their repitoire which have also been hugely successful.

paint and prosecco

Our Journey so far with Paint & Prosecco

We began working with Paint & Prosecco in 2018 and since then have seen the business go from strength to strength. Originally we had built the website as an eTicketing service for all of its in-person events.

In order to adapt to the new conditions Covid-19 presented, we continued the eTicketing function of the website (albeit for online events) and added an eCommerce element to the site too for the home kits offering.

It’s been an amazing 3 years so far and we look forward to many more innovations to come.

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