All of the services I offer are designed to improve your business’s digital performance. This means getting you more business, providing a better way of dealing with that extra business and understanding where that business is coming from.

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WordPress Consulting

Over the last few years, I have learned to harness WordPress’s amazing capabilities. Whether you want to sell a product, tickets or promote a service you offer – WordPress can make the complex extremely simple and efficient.

Web Design

The average customer buying journey has changed a lot over recent years. Potential customers are now very likely to visit your website before deciding to buy from you or not. They will also visit competing websites when assessing who the best option is.

A well designed site makes it easy and enjoyable for potential customers to get acquainted with your offering.


Understanding where the extra business is coming from will allow you to focus in on opportunities.

I’ve learned to track user behaviour in very strategic ways which will help you understand what exactly is going on.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most easily automated processes your business can have. While you’re sleeping – you could be emailing thousands of potential customers about topics / products they’re interested in.

Product orders and services enquiries are always nice to wake up to 😉


Sometimes, a perfectly good product or service may not be selling – solely because it’s not properly presented.

Through design, analytics and chatting to customers – we can find out where the missing link is in your conversion flow and turn things around.


SEO can be a major competitive advantage for almost any business.

Ranking highly for certain terms on Google can bring a constant stream of new potential customers your way.