5 star review  Gary worked with Jump Films as a Web developer for multiple projects, I found him to be professional, charismatic and easygoing, his design ideas are inspiring. I would highly recommend him for your next web design project, and I look forward to working with him again.

    thumb Gerard Mckenzie

    5 star review  I had an amazing experience working closely with Gary on a new commercial venture. Not only was he able to help me turn my vague concept into a fully functioning online business, he also provide me with key insights from his own experience that proved to be invaluable. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    thumb David Boyce

    5 star review  Gary was great to work with on - very friendly and responsive. He enabled us to bring our services online and be eCommerce ready. He also optimised our website for SEO and restricted our content so we are able to monetise it. Thanks Gary!

    thumb Mark Sweetman

    5 star review  Gary sorted out our (mobile-optimised) website using Wordpress, Salient and his own ingenuity. We love our new eCommerce platform, which also serves as a member area. Best of all, we now appear much higher on our SEO rankings in our area and industry. Gary is also very easy-going and friendly to work with, especially when it comes to websites (and all the questions that come with it).

    thumb Colin Sweetman

    5 star review  Absolutely brilliant to deal with. Very little back and forth. Really knew what he was doing. We met, I explained my vision and that was it. Very professional. I will definitely go back to Gary again for further work on an upcoming brand. Highly recommend.

    thumb Aoibhe Devlin

    5 star review  If you're starting a new business or upgrading an existing site, I strongly recommend working with Gary. He's friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to producing a high quality product. Gary is very intuitive and applies an outstanding amount of care and creativity to each project. He's always available to answer questions, make improvements, and provide guidance. Even after the project sites were completed, he continued to offer unsolicited assistance. We look forward to many opportunities to partner with Gary again to provide our clients with the best of the best.

    thumb Amos Unkovich

    5 star review  I am the founder of an elearning start up and Gary has been instrumental in getting us to the stage we are at. He is a great person to work with specifically because of his technical knowledge of Wordpress and quick turnaround time on projects. He is a great communicator about what he is going to do and when he is going to do it. Ultimately I trust him with anything to do with our website. It has been a long search to find someone like Gary to work with so I am delighted to have him as part of the team.

    thumb Kevin Redmond

    5 star review  We had the pleasure of working with gary on a recent website rebrand and redevelopment. I could not recommend this man higher.

    thumb CrossFit 353