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Website Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance plans ensure that your eCommerce and eLearning website is maintained and monitored in a proactive manner.

Our website maintenance plans also include support which gives you peace of mind as your online platform grows and becomes a more crucial part of your business.

Website Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance plans involve…

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Security Updates

Our security updates include updating plugins, themes and WordPress versions.

This is important in order to reduce the possibility of your website being breached. Outdated plugins, themes and WordPress versions are a large reason why websites get breached.


Our support covers:

  • Fixing bugs/issues as they arise
  • Implementing small edits that are requested on an ad hoc basis
  • Peace of mind that you have someone to contact about your website

Proactive Suggestions

An ongoing relationship allows us understand your business on a deeper level.

This includes understanding:

  • what value you truly offer to your customers
  • how you operate your business
  • your long-term aspirations for your business

This deep understanding positions us to make effective proactive suggestions to improve the online portion of your business.