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The Covid-19 pandemic prompted exponential growth in the eLearning industry

During 2020, demand for online learning opportunities rose exponentially according to a study by global market insights. Demand rose by as much as 400%, with many people wanting to upskill during their time off work. Source: Global Market Insights


Areas we focus on in eLearning:

eLearning is a large topic with a lot of moving parts. Here are the areas we have identified to be of most importance.

Get a Proposal


Introducing online learning to your business raises a lot of questions. Should you sell your courses B2B or B2C? How long should the course be? How does the online course integrate with your website? How can online course participants be upsold additional services?

We assist businesses to best answer these questions and be as successful as possible with their pilot courses which lead to more courses being created in the future.

Online Learning Experience

This is all about the high-quality delivery of your online course.

We measure course completion rates, engagement and qualitative feedback of your course in the form of reviews.

We can give tips in this case on content presentation, quiz creation, certificate generation and automated email strategies.

Business Growth

Ultimately, you are creating an online course in order to grow your new or existing business. It’s important not to lose sight of this.

We focus on integrating your online course with the rest of your business in order to increase brand loyalty, customer retention and revenue.