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ABOUT US started officially collaborating with small businesses and startups on January, 2017.

Since then, dedication to quality, commitment to seeing projects through to the end and a genuine love of growing ambitious businesses have evolved us into a highly-reputed website design company for small businesses and startups.

Meet the Team

Gary Melican


Gary has worked in many tech startups in Dublin and has been giving small businesses an edge with their online presence over the last few years.

Kier de Dios


Kier loves to experiment with new concepts. He consistently challenges norms when expressing his creative flair and keeps us, our clients, and their customers on the edge of their seats.


We take the time to think and reflect

Taking the time to think and reflect enables us to understand what is most important inside our agency. Here are the core values we share.

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We operate fairly, transparently and do what we say we will do.
Although this sounds like a simple standard to maintain, it requires ongoing effort and is something we value above all else.


We have grown our business over the last few years by creating high-quality websites which grow our clients’ small businesses and startups. As a result, our happy clients recommend our service to their friends and in turn, our business grows.

Passion was born out of a pure love for web design, web development and online business in general. A requirement of anyone who works with us is that they share this same passion for what we do.

Growth and Investment

We find comfort in growth and it’s what we constantly strive towards.
To grow quickly, it’s imperative to invest in yourself and the business. Our clients understand and believe in this.