The “Engaging, Fun and Stupid” button that you’re not allowed to press

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Since Tuesday Nov 8th, has registered over 16,000 clicks and had a 356% increase in overall web traffic. All thanks to one new button.

Go on, check it out at before I tell you how everyone else has interacted with it.



So, here’s the thought process behind the button.


The goal of this button was simple. Increase visitor engagement, increase visit duration and build an emotional connection with those who pressed the button through the medium of humour.


Developing the button was simple. I surrounded the button with a white background to attract the visitors’ eye. I then added some subtle shadowing and provocative text to make the button tempting to press.

Launch launches are quite small scale. This launch involved one cheeky LinkedIn post. Thankfully this post got enough traction to send a lot of traffic my way. More and more people began visiting the page and spending longer on it when they saw that their friends had commented on the post. Thus proving the power of word of mouth!


So this is where the button pressers came from…

These visitors went on to press the button over 16,000 times. Crazy.


Design 2.0

The original design of the button only had 30 click responses encoded. This mean’t that once the visitor had pressed the button 30 times, no new messages would appear. Laziness on my behalf.

Realising that 83.4% of people who clicked the button were clicking it to the bitter end, I added 45 more responses to total 75. This still hasn’t been enough.

A negative consequence of the button was that the average amount of pages visited within the site dropped to 1.93 from 3.15. This was because visitors had nowhere else to click once they had clicked the button 30 times. To counteract this, I introduced “Calls to Action” (or links) within the responses to navigate users away from the button and guide them to other parts of the site.

What’s next?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions having read this article, please feel free to contact me. I love hearing new ideas.

Otherwise, watch this space!


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