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The majority of successful tech companies today are using Agile Methods to better their product lifecycle. Agile Methods encourage early delivery and continuous improvement of products. The cyclical process goes like this:

The aim of Agile Methodology is to design strategically based on feedback and research, build the product quickly, launch the product and then get feedback on the product. Then, repeat this process again and again until you perfect the product.

The develop, design and launch stages are very rapid for as it’s just me coding, photoshopping and then posting updates on LinkedIn. The feedback stage on the other hand, is huge.

The Feedback stage

Everything you see on is completely driven by feedback and data. Every fine detail from language to colours used have been carefully examined to ensure that they’re pleasing to the user. Here is an insight into some of the tools that I use to in order to design strategically.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives me a broad idea of who is visiting and where they’re visiting from:


Mouseflow is great for delving into user behaviour on a deeper level. It informs you exactly which buttons that visitors are pressing and how long they spend on each page. For instance, I now know that visitors spend on average 1m 8s looking at the steaming coffee cup on the landing page.

3. Peek by userTesting

If you want feedback from the horses’ mouth, check out Peek by userTesting. They’ll send you a 5 minute video of a real person using your site or app for the very first time. These people are given no context as to what the website is or does, so they’re a great way to test how clear you are about what you do. Oh, and it’s free.

Using feedback to solve problems

One specific example of where data-driven designs helped exponentially was when I noticed that a lot of visitors had clicked or hovered on the “Contact Me” form but were not actually following through and sending me a message. It transpired that visitors in general disliked this method of contacting people as it was too slow and there was a high probability of not getting a response in their eyes.

As a solution to this problem, integrated with Intercom, the customer messaging platform that makes communication “simple, personal, and fun for everyone”. Now my only problem is that I spend too much of my day chatting to curious visitors!

Overall, the Agile approach taken to improve over the last two weeks has involved 18 mini launches of the website. The learnings from each of these mini launches have increased visitor time spent on the site by 201% (to 3m 13s) and simultaneously increased visitor engagement by 33%.

All of this proving the effectiveness of data-driven iteration.

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